Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good times

So, as I mentioned last post, the kids have had a lot of fieldtrips and stuff at school this week, that normally I wouldn't go on, but that I now have to take off work for because otherwise the Ex would send Captain America instead. 

Kind of a pain, especially since I actually DO have stuff I ought to be doing at work.  But what certainly is not a pain is spending time with my kids.  

So, I had all afternoon with my son at a local place that's sort of an arcade but with all kinds of other stuff, too - mini-golf, go-carts, bumper cars and bumper boats, laser tag, a paintball course, etc.  Today I spent ALL day with my daughter at the zoo. 

It is really great to be dad again. I think I'm finally really remembering how and getting back into the groove. 


  1. A family friend just asked me about my holiday weekend; I quipped that I spent most of it racking up mileage on my CAR! but I commented to my boy as we drove one big loop Sat afternoon that I missed just common everyday stuff w/him like this, running errands...
    (shopping & haircuts & the grocery store, just routine stuff)