Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is my life????

Not that it's bad.  It's just surprising.  Everything is so new. 

So, this morning, I was asked by Father to serve again at the altar.  That is now the second Sunday I've done this: Palm Sunday and Easter.  Those are kind of big, as far as Sundays go.  I still have no real idea what I'm doing.  But he has confidence in me.  And so does most of the congregation.  They are always so supportive and complementary. 

But it's just really new.  The whole vesting myself is new enough.  But so is all the rest.  And I still don't understand all of it.  It's not bad, just new and different and kind of weird.  So, still scary.

I had my kids on kind of a weird schedule this weekend in order to keep away from what, to my ex-wife, would be the worst thing conceivable: me taking my kids to church.  The handing back and forth got a bit tiring.  But, still, my kids are very happy and are very affectionate with me.  They love me.  And I love them dearly.

I continued my weekly dinner party thing, this time having RS and Therese over for an Easter dinner: leg of lamb, a pilaf with kind of an Azerbijani flavor, and a cream of spinach soup for an opening.  Complex.  Kind of difficult.  I broiled the leg of lamb and the amount of smoke it poured out was astonishing - I thought for sure someone would call the fire department on me.  But it all turned out very nice. 

A nice night with nice friend and good food and good wine, and it was fun. 

But all this: this is my life?  So very, very different from what it was just months ago.  So different that you would have never convinced me then that this is how I would be living.  I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all - even as I go forward rather boldly with all of it. 

Does that even make sense?  I'm not sure.  Yet, here I am.


  1. I remember back when I was received into the Catholic Church, how awkward it felt just to make the Sign of the Cross, at first. . .

    Things will settle out eventually, and you'll find a 'new normal'. Which might still surprise you; life is like that. . .

    Sounds like a most happy Easter celebration. . .

  2. I'm glad you had a nice night, and despite tiresome to hand the kids off, got to have that time with them.

    You'll adjust fast enough to the altar service, and become comfortable faster than you know you could.

  3. Thanks so much for having us. The meal was incredible! Not only did we enjoy the food, but so did the kids. And your son told me that his daddy is a very good cook, which was sweet.

    And beyond that, it is a blessing to spend time with you and the kids. Evangeline told me this morning that your daughter is her best friend.

    Thank you again for having us!