Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tonight was fun

So, as part of my quest to actually have a life, instead of to just exist and survive, I decided to start having people over once a week.  To cook and have them over and do the dinner party/entertaining thing.  I started by asking over some friends I met through work.  The wife and I work very closely together, and she's kind of adopted me.  She calls me her "work son."  Her husband is an awesome guy, and the two have quickly become pretty good friends of mine.

They had me over a few weeks ago, and I decided to return the favor.  It was fun.  I got to cook good stuff and pretend I have class and am all fancy, and got to have a nice evening of conversation. 

It's certainly a good way for me to try and repay just a little bit all the people who have been there for me so deeply the past few months, and who have given of themselves to help me out.  I'll start with this couple, and make my through my list of people I owe debts of gratitude to week by week.  It's fun.

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  1. See, now that's a good way forward, isn't it? You lost one of your biggest human connections, but she wasn't the only one you had. Strengthening the connections you have left is a really good idea, it seems to me. . .