Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weird stuff that I miss

So, there's a lot of adaptation I have to do in all this.  A lot of stuff that has to change that I never even thought of.  A lot of habits I have to break.

Like, for instance, I'm at some friends' house tonight, and I keep feeling like I have some place to be.  When I leave I look at my watch and curse how late it is...before I realized there was no place I had to be, no one who would be mad I was out that late, and nobody who would have known if I'd stayed longer.  Besides my friends, that is.  I'm so used to being...well, on a leash is how I'd put it right now.  I'm so used to being answerable to someone else who would be mad if I spent time with my friends.

Another one: I'm so used to someone else keeping my calender and telling me when I have to be places.  I keep almost forgetting appointments and stuff because I'm used to that being someone else's job.

Another one: I'm used to consulting someone else's opinion before I make decisions, big or small, and so now I'm having to do them all by myself and it's hard. 


  1. Um, you should realize that for most people 8:00 isn't actually late. :)

    Secondly, try to enjoy being able to make your own choices. This is an opportunity a lot of people don't have. Go buy yourself a sword! The world is your oyster.

  2. Yeah, it would be a lot of adjusting, but hang in there- you'll adapt.

    (Also, good to see you even in passing Therese!)