Friday, March 25, 2011

Other things new and different

More of these keep occurring to me.

Before, I would spend quite a bit of time watching TV.  I wasn't quite a couch potato, but I'd watch the History Channel, and the few good things on SciFi (I refuse to use the new name), and I would watch a lot of sports.  Now, while I have a TV, for the first time in my life (really!) I don't have cable.  I have the TV hooked up to the computer and do netflix and hulu and the new Amazon streaming thing.  Which means, on mornings like today I can't grab the remote and just surf around until I find something interesting on.  I have to know what I want to watch and then go find it.

Speaking of TV and sports, I've always been a big college basketball fan, and so March Madness has been a favorite time of year for me.  Every year since my oldest was born, me and the now-ex, and whichever kids were old enough to speak filled out brackets.  Then, the first two days of games the ex would take off work to watch them on TV, while I would most of the time move my laptop into the breakroom at work and work in there for two days, watching them on the TV in there.  This year: no one to do brackets, no breakroom to watch the games in, and no cable to watch them on at home.  And, for some reason, I really don't care.  I haven't even tried to watch any of it this year -- and that counts for the entire season.  Too much other stuff going on.

Last year at this time -- as in past years -- I'd be spending March planting seeds in pots in my kitchen window and getting all the lawn equipment and sprinkler system in working order.  Then, around the end of March, beginning of April I'd have to start weekly yard work, as well as starting up my garden for the year.  This year, I live in an apartment, and I don't even have any South-facing windows to do a window garden in.  And, as far as I know, the ex knows nothing of yard maintenance and probably hasn't done anything, which means she hasn't started watering yet, which means my yard (and my trees, and my grape vine) will all die.  Oops.  Not mine anymore.  That's changed, too.


  1. I'm a little confused - you're talking here like the divorce is final, and everything has been distributed and settled, but you were only served with the papers a couple months ago. Did it really go that fast, or are you just anticipating the shape of the final settlement?

    Do you still have your bike? 'Cuz getting out and spinning the pedals for a mile or 20 could do wonders for helping you keep a clear head. . .


  2. The division of property is mostly final. We still need to negotiate the division of retirement accounts and such, but its mostly final. As long as she can buy me out of my share of the equity, she will get the house. She wanted it, and that's OK with me (especially since I already moved out and have my own place). That means I step out of this with zero debt at all, even mortgage, and much, much lower living costs.