Thursday, March 31, 2011

I said I would post everyday..., dang it, I'm gonna write something if it kills me.

So, the thing that's really bugging me right now is that both of my parents are really wigging out over everything.  My dad called me the other night and started asking why my lawyer didn't coach me before I went into the mediation or something like that, and the second-guessing of me and my actions and decisions (as if I, again, am not just quite perfect which means I'm not just quite good enough) was too much, and I kind of yelled at him to leave it alone, that I really couldn't deal with that right then. 

I called the next day to apologize and he was all, "Lesson learned, I won't talk to you about your divorce ever again."  Which is SUCH an over-reaction. 

Don't really know what to do with that.  So, I haven't called him back.

But I called my mom to ask for some meal ideas for the dinner party I'm hosting over here on Sunday for a couple I know from work, and in the middle of the conversation she wanted to start talking about church stuff, and why I left the Church of Christ, and how she's all emotional and worried about it, and how she can never tell that to my grandma because she would die, etc.  I basically told her to knock it off, too. 

Don't know what to do with that, either. 


  1. Well, to be fair, they overreacted to your overreaction, didn't they? Your family is gonna be a pretty key set of folks to have in your corner just now; you don't want to push them away, I don't think. . .

    I remember when I 'converted', back when I was in college. Next time I saw my grandma, she had some document she wanted me to sign, renouncing my membership in the church I'd grown up in. I wanted no part of signing any kind of 'renunciation' like that, but she wouldn't let it go until I did. (*sigh*)

  2. Yes, they overreacted to my overreaction, but I'm the one whose life has been turned upside down. It's kind of expected for me to not be all that emotionally stable right now. What's their excuse? And, if one of us has to be the grown up in this situation, does it really have to be me? Can't it be one of them?